Dalmore Evening - June '22

Dalmore Evening - June '22

The Evening of the mighty Stag and a tasting fit for a king.

The famous Symbiote Whisky Club wall that takes your breath away as you enter the club.

 What an amazing coffee cocktail made with the Dalmore 12 year old.

The Underground with just one of its treasures inside.

The table setting was without a doubt breathtaking, we also received an amazing gift from Dalmore. 

Thank you to the team at Dalmore, was an attention grabbing presentation - the brand and the whiskies, I truly love the history behind the brand.

A little surprise from everyone at the event, a dark and smooth 30 year old port that the barrels are used to create some of the whiskies from Dalmore.

Food was scrumptious, and paired so thoughtfully with each dish creating an explosion of flavours on the palate. Just delicious.

The final bout for the evening and wow was it a knockout! This showstopper was the Dalmore Trio, balanced with sweet and woody notes, the combination of a superb whisky.

To quote someone from somewhere, he once said, "A true friend arrives with a bottle of whisky while everyone else has gone home." It was a night to remember!

Ending the night later than normal but with the best company one could have asked for. Cannot wait for the next event.



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