Anthonij Rupert Evening - June '22

Anthonij Rupert Evening - June '22

I went in only liking to drink wine and left loving everything about wine! Once again the Underground Whisky Club wall was filled with the nectar of the Gods this evening. 

Having got there a little earlier I was able to see the setup and have a chat with the team, what an awesome bunch of people.

As I'm sure everyone who goes to the events is well aware of, the setup is never anything but perfection. Everyone was so excited to get down to the tasting.

We had the chef come down and explain to us how the food has been selected and how it pairs with the food we are eating. Each dish really did complement the wine and brought out a lot of notes that your palate wouldn't usually pick up.

Welcome to the first wine tasting and pairing - it was a great tasting having the pleasure of tasting eleven wines and drinking a lot of water. 


This Lamb Rack was the best meal I have ever had in my life, the only way i can describe the meal is like being eight years old and it's Christmas morning, coming down the stairs and there are twenty plus presents under the tree for you! Best I have ever had!

Chatting to the team from the farm directly. 

Mingling between the first and second tastings - always a good time meeting new people at these events.


The showstopper for the evening, one of the best wines I've ever had (red or white), this is on the top of my list for sure.

All smiles and laughter (could have been the wine but I doubt it), was just a great vibe and atmosphere. This being the first wine tasting it was fantastic. The food and the wine - this is exactly what I have come to expect from the tastings at the Underground Whisky Club.

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