Ardbeg Day - June '22

Ardbeg Day - June '22

This hidden gem everyone knows as The Symbiote Underground Whisky Club. So begins ADCORE DAY!! Rock on ladies and gents.



As we begin our journey with my first Ardberg day, the vibes were great with some rock music setting the scene and an array of smokey cocktails to choose from - life was good.


Had some fun playing Jenga while the anticipation grew for the tasting to begin.

So began a night to remember, let's get down to the smokey business. 

We are not all so serious here, was a good time learning and taking in just how significant this day is for Ardberg.

Was truly one for the books not only the great whisky but the atmosphere and crowd we had the event with was awesome.

 The night's showstopper... the limited edition release Ardcore was out of this world with showering notes of smokey goodness and a finish that lasts long and leaves you wanting more.



Had to spend some time in the Symbiote Gallery looking at all the superb collectibles and pewter statues.

We got to share this Ardberg day with the entire world. It was coordinated to perfection! Well done to the Ardberg team and Symbiote team.

Once we were done we went back up to continue the evening having fun and mingling with all the other whisky enthusiasts. 


Had to watch how this game panned out. The Ardberg day was a time to remember - it was a great experience - first for me but definitely not my last. On to the next one!


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